"The 15 Second Solution"
for your baseball or softball glove
*(Patent #US D746,394S)

“The Original Glove Saver Pocket Ball”
by Remora Sports

About us

  Our patented Original Glove Saver Pocket Ball* design is based on the
“Old School Ball and Strap/Bungie Cord” also known as "Glove Wrap" method of breaking in new gloves, maintaining gamer gloves and restoring old, flat, pancake or taco gloves.

As you know the ball and strap method has been one of the preferred ways of breaking in and shaping a baseball or softball glove to hold its shape. From Little League, travel baseball or softball, college baseball or softball, to the major leagues, most players have used this method at least once to get their glove or mitt in game ready condition.

Players use many different methods to break in and maintain their gloves.
However, they all use some sort of ball and wrap (2 pieces ie. ball and rubber band, shoelace , belt, sleeve) to form and maintain the pocket.

Our patented design* incorporates the ball and strap into one unit so The Glove Saver Pocket Ball will always be ready to use. There is nothing to misplace, strap to break or missing ball. To use the Glove Saver Pocket Ball, just insert the strap through the web, Snap the ball back into the pocket, Wrap the strap around the glove, and your glove is ready to Store in your bag. The pocket in your glove is now being maintained for the next practice or game. The 15 Second Solution!

The Original Glove Saver Pocket Ball is the perfect All-In-One Solution.
In our patented design*, we use actual baseballs and softballs.

We believe that using real baseballs and softballs creates the best pocket possible.

We have 4 sizes so players can pick and choose what type of pocket they prefer.

9 inch baseball (T-Ball gloves)
12 inch softball (our most popular and best all around size)
14 inch softball (for infielders that like a more open pocket or for players that like a larger pocket
2 ball catcher’s ball (2 ball system 12 inch softball and 9 inch softball)

We love baseball and softball and designed The Original Glove Saver Pocket Ball for players young and old alike to find a simple and quick solution to take care of their gloves. The Original Glove Saver Pocket Ball 15 second solution does just that.

*(Patent #US D746,394S)






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